Specify and track your Key Performance Indicators. Outcomes are measured and the results are used for learner performance feedback as well as future program refinement.

Audience Generation Analytics

The platform's measurement of each audience generation tactic enables you to know which tactics are working the best and how we can further optimize the reach to your targeted audience.

Return on Educational Investment

Unlike many learning tools, we measure and report on how each learner progresses through the experience: we know how far they progressed, where they interacted, and the quality of their performance. This is a much more accurate representation than relying on learner completion surveys or tests where only a small number of your target audience responds. Further, we can report utilization and performance based on specific target groups such as specific specialties or professional designations (physician, NP, PA, RN, etc).

Learning Assessment

Progression through the virtual, experience-driven simulation populates a built-in performance-based assessment system. For example, through a series of choices the learner can demonstrate their ability to complete a diagnosis. This performance-based learning is further supported by additional questions to drive assessment and determine intent to change.


A gamification layer challenges the learner to progress and explore the resource at a deeper level. This additional data further elucidates the learner’s involvement in the experience.

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