Simulation Technology

National Science Foundation SBIR Awards

We won multiple SBIR awards from the Education Division of the National Science Foundation to support the development of our learning platforms. NSF Logo

Our technology is the first to combine:

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering captures the medical science logic and generates simulation intelligence

Game Technology

Sophisticated 3D game engine technology creates engaging and responsive virtual environments

Modern Learning Principles

Modern adult learning methodologies provide experience-driven learning

Technology Platform

To create these unique learning experiences, we integrated advanced game engine technology, state-based synchronization technology, and backend server architectures for analytics and internet delivery. The underlying technology is shared by our medical training and patient education/engagement platforms. Integrated frameworks enable us to cost effectively deliver healthcare solutions across a wider variety of devices.

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The State-based Difference

Unlike simple branching and decision tree logic common in other simulation approaches, we use a sophisticated state-based approach that can create hundreds of "what if" scenarios.

Learners have various options to satisfy learning objectives; the simulation intelligently responds to their input, assisting in recognition of patterns that are successful or unsuccessful in achieving the objective.

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