Top 4 Reasons Syandus Virtual Practice Modules are the Most Effective Sales Training Tool Available Today.


Your content. Your sales process. Your expert one-on-one coaching captured in interactive software.


Users are guided to optimal decision-making in your realistic selling environments.


Available to your entire team on any web enabled device, with embedded analytics.


Grounded in cognitive science learning methodologies combined with advanced game technology.

Watch the example video below and imagine what we can do together to create your own immersive sales scenarios. 

Next Generation Practice Modules that are Truly Immersive and Different:

  • No video practicing
  • No non-expert feedback
  • No wasting your best coaches’ time
  • No one-size-fits-all sales methodology

Instead, we create realistic scenarios customized for your business to give your salespeople virtual on the job training to improve performance.

Click bottom right or double click to view FULL SCREEN. 

A true virtual experience translates to the real world. The better the virtual experience – through modern learning methodologies – the better the real-world outcomes.

Only Syandus Virtual Practice Modules combine cognitive science with virtual game technology to create Rapid Skill Acquisition: The optimal way to learn and apply new skills.

See How It Works

Here’s how both sales trainers (the providers) and learners benefit from vRSATM:

vRSA benefits

Activity on Syandus Virtual Coaching Modules to Date:

12,645 Scenarios completed.

Over 1 Million lines of conversational coaching/mentoring delivered.

More than 208,000 Decisions made by
over 10,400 Trainees.

Simulation on tablet

Development of Syandus' Virtual Practice and Coaching Platform

The Syandus Virtual Practice and Coaching Platform originated from the idea that entertainment technology can be combined with modern learning modalities to create realistic virtual experience that will help people quickly learn cognitive decision-making skills. Syandus has developed and honed the platform over the past 5 years.

National Science Foundation logo

Syandus won several Small Business Innovation Research awards from the National Science Foundation that helped support the development of the platform.

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