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Create your own scalable digital role-plays 

Good decision-making drives sales. While presentation analysis is helpful, practicing decision-making with nuanced coaching is more transformative. Use AliveSim to help all salespeople learn the situational decision-making skills of your top-performers.

5 Impacts of AliveSim Digital Role-Plays

The Virtual Practice and Coaching Platform for situational decision making.  
  1. Recognize optimal decision patterns. This is hard to do passively and has nothing to do with “how to say it” strategies. It’s about creating a more robust mental model.  
  2. Better adherence to your sales process.  Salespeople experience how to handle a situation differently, within the new sales process paradigm. 
  3. Close systemic performance gaps at scale. Free up coaching time for your trainers, managers, and coaches.
  4. Performance assessment and certification. As salespeople work through scenarios, learn where they struggle, and certify mastery. 
  5. Experience what great looks like.  Your best talk tracks come to life as digital humans interact with each other in response to optimal decisions. 

Convert awkward peer-to-peer role plays into robust, scalable modules, embedded with your best coaching, and full analytics.

Immerse your salespeople in your own realistic sales situations with digital humans, where they experience the decision-making strategies of top performers and receive personalized expert coaching.

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Practice Situational Decision-Making Virtually to Improve Selling Behaviors

Innovating Sales Training with a Virtual Learn-by-Doing Platform

Practice with personalized feedback unlocks sales potential: It’s Learn-by-Doing. Yet most sales organizations don’t offer enough practice. We’re here to change that. Our AliveSim platform combines cognitive science and virtual game technology to create an innovative, safe environment for your salespeople to practice decision-making.

It’s engaging, fun, scalable, measurable, and effective. 

The Missing Piece for Effective Knowledge Transfer

Acquiring new selling behaviors requires changes in a salesperson’s mental model – how they make decisions. The adult learning continuum shows us there’s just one way to do this: Practice with expert coaching feedback. If you don't have the resources to do this, scale it digitally. 

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Practice Transitions Your Team from “Knowing” to “Doing.”

Much of the training involves imparting knowledge: about your product, selling strategy, sales process, and common objection handling. Without guided practice that includes personalized feedback, most salespeople will not retain or properly apply their training, leading to wasted time and resources.

That’s why we created AliveSim. It’s the best way to practice situational decision-making, with personalized, expert feedback on each decision. Your salespeople will experience how to think like a top performer in your sales situations, via virtual practice.


Video Coaching focuses on ”How to Say.”  AliveSim Focuses on ”How to Think.”

Video coaching focuses on presentation skills such as opening scripts, overcoming objections, etc. This rehearsal on ”how to say” is important. But ”how to think” in fluid sales situations, is what separates top performers from average ones.

“How to Think” is about decisions that increase sales velocity. That is, decisions that are best aligned with the sales process, best resolve a challenging sales situation, or result in faster closes. AliveSim helps your salespeople make decisions like top performers, via virtual practice in your realistic situations.

5 Ways Virtual Practice Benefits Sales Organizations

  1. Control how your salespeople apply training knowledge. Most salespeople apply training ad hoc, by practicing in front of prospects. Virtual practice creates a safe, controlled environment, to learn the right way.
  2. Better retention than reinforcement alone. The act of practical application creates a personal, memorable experience that dramatically increases retention. Knowledge reinforcement can’t do this.
  3. More confidence, greater sales velocity. As salespeople practice virtually, they develop stronger decision-making mental models, and the confidence to apply these new strategies properly in the field.
  4. Make Classroom and E-learning Stick. Let salespeople practice applying the most important parts of your training curriculum. Passive videos and webinars are not effective substitutes for hands-on practice.
  5. Objective, measurable results. Assess how salespeople are making decisions in your situations, and where they needed the most virtual coaching. You cannot get unbiased metrics from live role-plays and coaching.

Virtualize your sales training role plays within AliveSim

Proven skill driven methodologies delivered within immersive technology  

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How to Use Virtual Practice in Your Sales Organization

Make Onboarding Stick

We’ve all heard that onboard training can feel like drinking through a fire hose. Without practice in their new role, trainees will quickly forget much of it.

AliveSim enables trainees to practice how to use this knowledge to make decisions in common situations, in a safe environment, with personalized, expert coaching.

Salespeople recognize what optimal decisions look like, and are better able to know when and how to apply them with their prospects. This is much more effective than waiting for corrective coaching in the field, and is often one of the business drivers for customers using AliveSim.


Transition to New Sales Processes

Transitioning sales teams from old habits to a new sales processes is daunting. Telling them what to do is not enough. Corrective coaching in the field is uneven with mixed results. Instead, allow the sales team to practice using your new sales process, virtually. This practice, with nuanced feedback, helps reinforce “why” the new process has value, builds confidence in how to use it, and begins to establish new behaviors. This is a classic example of a behavior change that’s next to impossible without practice. AliveSim was built to solve this knowledge transfer problem for you, one decision at a time.

Close Performance Gaps

If you are like most sales organizations, you have a set of common performance gaps that your average performers struggle with. Most of these involve suboptimal decision-making, leading them to be less successful. AliveSim enables your salespeople to practice navigating challenging sales situations, with a virtual prospect, in a safe environment, with expert coaching, so they can learn how to overcome these performance gaps. Because they have experienced how to overcome these gaps in realistic virtual situations, they perform better in the field – all without burdening your field coaches or sales managers.

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Consistent Messaging and Coaching

Many sales organizations struggle to control the message. Once new messaging strategies are set into motion, sales people apply them differently, and field coaching varies with available time and coaching acumen (particularly with busy sales managers). AliveSim modules gives each sales person virtual experience, using the same messaging, talk tracks, and coaching feedback. The result is a consistent experience across the entire sales organization that reinforces training, drives sales competency, and supplements field coaching.

Assess Performance

You trained them, but are they applying newly-learned knowledge properly in real situations? Sales managers and coaches cannot provide objective performance data across the organization. AliveSim virtual scenarios can!  Every decision is analyzed and you get a standardized view across your organization: Where your people are struggling, where they are improving, and where more live coaching may be needed. Use these virtual selling scenarios to measure selling skills of new salespeople, or assess pull through of new processes across your organization.


AliveSim: The Future of Experience-driven Training for Improved Situational Decision-making. 

Better Decisions, More Sales. 

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Benefits of the AliveSim Platform 

What to Expect with the AliveSim Virtual Learn-by-Doing Platform

Innovative Learning Technology.

The development of our immersive learning technology was fueled by eight Small Business Innovation Research awards from the National Science Foundation.

Your Proprietary Modules.

Transform your practice gaps, your coaching, and your talk tracks into engaging simulations with witty dialog and expert feedback.

Virtual Interactive Conversations.

Instead of text dialog or passive video, AliveSim is an interactive conversation with virtual prospects and coaches – just like a real sales call.

Insightful Analytics.

Immerse your sales team in virtual sales situations, and then objectively measure where they struggle. All their decisions map to your practice gaps in detailed reports.

Scale Your Best Coaching.

Capture the sales magic of your subject matter experts and top performers within AliveSim, so their wisdom can be spread across your organization.

Seamless Delivery.

Syandus’ platform is cloud-based, mobile-friendly, and rapidly deployed across all devices, with connectivity as needed. No goggles are needed!

AliveSim Gives You Consistency, Scale, and Unbiased Measurement

The best sales coaches immerse their coachees in dynamic sales situations and help them to recognize and navigate the situation optimally. This virtual practice is highly effective, but it takes skill and time. If you do not have enough of these great coaches, AliveSim can help. AliveSim captures these sales situations and your best coaching in software, so it can be consistently scaled across your organization. AliveSim can help train coaches too. Then AliveSim measures what virtual coaching was needed in each situation, so you know how your sales team is doing.

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Retention, Reinforcement, Behavior Change

Customers use AliveSim to fill the gap between training and real-world performance. They recognize that passive videos, webinars, and more e-learning reinforcement are not effective. This is not surprising since none of those learning modalities are built around practice with coaching. With AliveSim, you gain all the benefits of practice, with personalized coaching: more retention from personally applying the training, more reinforcement of key concepts, and more behavior change through practicing new behaviors in realistic virtual situations. Plus, it’s engaging, gamified, and fun, which drives even more retention.

AI with a Human Touch  

AI is everywhere these days. We've been at this for a long while. We utilize game-driven AI to bring our digital humans to life with intelligent responsiveness. And a conversation engine that allows characters to talk with one another and involve the learner. The beauty of this is that you can incorporate natural conversation just like one would experience in actual conversations including nuanced coaching.  It's like creating a dynamic movie where you're in control.  

Check out our AI-driven voice and translation options.  


Scalable, Best-in-Class Role-Plays

With AliveSim, conversational virtual prospects, reps, and coaches provide the perfect role plays to practice decision-making, in your customized selling environment. It even reveals what a rep or prospect may be thinking, to provide insightful, and sometimes entertaining feedback. Your very best coaching is consistently delivered in a personalized way, and reps experience what "great" looks like.

AliveSim is like having your reps do a personal role play with your best coaches, whenever they want. Imagine that!

Virtual Technology Without the Headsets

Sales is about conversation, and the decisions that drive those sales conversations. Should you invest in the ability for sales reps to turn away from the prospect to see what’s behind them? Virtual Reality (VR) has its place, but offers no benefit to sales practice. AliveSim focuses completely on engaging conversation and decision-making, within realistic 3D environments – on any connected device, anytime, anywhere. It’s an immersive, stable, practical, scalable, platform to drive sales competency, without tethering your people to a headset in order to use it.


The ROI of Virtual Learn-by-Doing

AliveSim allows sales organizations to improve sales competency using practice and coaching, without additional resources. This creates a significant ROI in several ways:

Pull through new processes or close your most common performance gaps, without more coaching staff, or burdening sales managers with more coaching time.
Decrease the load on existing coaches so they can provide more timely, impactful coaching, and coach more salespeople.

Give Your Salespeople the Experience and Confidence to Apply Your Training in the Field.

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How to Get Started with Your First Module

Identify the Performance Gaps

Performance gaps are simply what your salespeople are doing now versus what they should be doing. Where are they making suboptimal decisions that could be fixed to increase sales velocity?  This will help define the areas where AliveSim can have the greatest impact in your organization.  

We have been doing this a long time and we're happy to help you define the best fit to get started.  Once we do the first module together, you can start building your own.  


Well-honed Development Process

Over the years, Syandus has developed a streamlined,  development process to efficiently transform your sales situations, performance gaps, and other challenges, into interactive simulations.

We have embedded all of this know-how into AliveSim so you can take full advantage and create effective modules from the start. 

Our virtual humans are ready to work with you.  They never grow tired and are always willing to adapt as you change their script, even the language. 


The Process: Identify Performance Gaps, then Overcome Them with AliveSim

AliveSim is a highly flexible platform for solving performance gaps in your sales organization. We’ll start with a discussion of the gaps you are trying to address; or we can help you brainstorm them! Here are some gaps we work with sales organizations to overcome:

  • Failing to follow the defined sales process
  • Objection handling - price, no budget, status quo, fear of change, trust, politics, timing
  • Not discussing budget early enough
  • Inability to get into, or stay in the C suite
  • Poor objective negotiation skill
  • Failing to identify all the stakeholders
  • Avoiding healthy conflict as a means to understand customer needs
  • Thinking strategically, and better managing territories/opportunities
  • Discounting too early in order to win fast
  • Selling deals that are harder to deliver (outside core competencies)
  • Overcoming "no time" objections for a sales meeting
  • Relying on presentations/ features/ benefits instead of needs
  • Following up when the deal is dead
  • Helping managers conduct better interviews of new salespeople
  • Not allowing customers to discover a salesperson’s value (telling them instead)

Virtualize Your Sales Training Role Plays with AliveSim 

Skill-driven cognitive science driven by innovative, immersive technology.   

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