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Introducing AliveSim 

The AliveSim Platform gives pharmaceutical brands the power to create highly interactive learning experiences designed to drive meaningful behavior change.

Hands-on Experience is Better than Watching

Personal experience changes behaviors. AliveSim gives you the tools to create interactive conversations around key messages, and set up decisions with personalized, conversational mentoring on each option.

Engage Physicians

Create experiences that drive the adoption of brand strategies.

  • Disease Awareness. Identify patients earlier by recognizing signs of a disease or condition.
  • Hands-on experience using therapy with decision-making and mentoring.
  • Recognize patient types and appropriate therapy options.
  • Explore treatment options with expert mentoring on each choice.
  • Drive Adherence by proactively addressing side effects and adverse events.
Two virtual doctors engaged in a conversation EngagePhysicians

Train MSLs / Sales Reps

Virtual experience effectively navigating the science and the conversation.

  • Manage the Conversation. Navigate topics with virtual physicians and handle their objections.
  • Physician’s Perspective. Experience the challenges physicians face when managing their patients.
Virtual doctor engaged in conversation with a virtual sales rep

Educate Patients

Set up interactive virtual conversations with virtual peers and clinicians to help patients:

  • Recognize disease impact and need for therapy.
  • Gain confidence in the treatment to improve adherence.
  • Proactively manage side effects to minimize treatment interruptions.
A virtual clinician engaged in a conversation with a virtual patient and their caregiver.

Our Pharmaceutical Experience

  • We partner with medical communications agencies to innovate Med-Ed.   
  • We speak your language, and have experience navigating MLR.
  • We apply our medical knowledge to help you best use AliveSim to meet your goals.

Why Skill-Driven Learning Changes Behaviors  

Knowing something rarely changes one’s behavior. One must feel confident they have the skill to apply that knowledge, in the right situations, without causing harm. That’s when their behavior changes.

Diagram of how skill development leads to behavior change while learn by watching does not.

Skill development is the proven way to overcome these barriers to change. It’s used effectively in the military, aviation, business, and medical education. It’s a great fit for pharmaceutical brands too.

Skill-Driven Learning

  • The Proven Approach is hands-on practice, with a coach or mentor providing expert feedback.  
  • Its highly personalized. Learners practice making decisions, and recognize patterns of expert thinking via nuanced coaching.
  • The underlying learning methodologies for skill-driven learning are very different from those used to acquire knowledge. 

 Technology to Scale Skill-Driven Learning

  • While highly effective, it’s impractical and expensive to scale personalized coaching with experts. 
  • That’s why AliveSim was designed to replicate this personalized experience using scalable, virtual technology.   
  • The Result. An economical way for clinicians to develop the competence and confidence to adopt new medical strategies. 

The Cognitive Science of Skill Development

Practice with coaching is the essential part of the adult learning continuum that accelerates knowledge transfer to real-world situations.  (That's behavior change!)

Learn More Here 

Skill development is the bridge between “knowledge” and clinically treating patients.

How AliveSim Works

Innovation includes advanced 3D game technology, skill-driven learning methodologies, and decision specific analytics

The Innovation

  • AliveSim combines cognitive science principles, the realism of game technology, and clinical faculty expertise, to deliver rapid skill acquisition.
  • Participants are immersed in realistic virtual situations with one-on-one expert coaching that gives them experience making optimal decisions.

The Technology 

  • Cloud-based for easy deployment
  • Accessible from any web-enabled device, including phones
  • Virtual experiences with 3D game technology
  • Fluid, interactive conversation and animation 
  • Designed with embedded analytics 
Simulation runs on phones, tablets, and PCs
NSF logo

Syandus won multiple Small Business Innovation Research awards from the National Science Foundation that fueled the development of the AliveSim platform. It's now a stable, proven, platform for effective learning in healthcare and corporate training.

How to Use AliveSim Within a Multichannel Strategy

Provide access to your branded AliveSim portal from a booth, reps, web events, and across digital media, using a simple web link.   

Pharmaceutical Multichannel Strategy using AliveSim

Bring an Innovative Idea to Your Brand Team  

  • AliveSim gives your agency a new set of tools to meet your client's needs.
  • We have proven technology and processes, plus we're easy to work with!
  • By design, AliveSim can be leveraged across channels, opening up opportunities. 
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Measure Results

AliveSim captures thousands of learner decisions to measure how well they performed in realistic clinical situations.

Analytics Built In - Not an Afterthought

Measurement components are proactively built into each clinical decision, based on performance gaps identified by your team.  


What AliveSim Captures: 

  • Clinical preferences when more than one option is appropriate.
  • Decisions that required the most corrective mentoring (63% of learner decisions, on average, require mentoring)
  • Suboptimal or inappropriate actions learners choose in specific clinical situations
  • Cohort analysis for differences in performance by profession, specialty, and experience level.
Example medical education outcomes
Physician participants reported: 93% confident in attained skill, 95% intend to change practice patterns, and 95% would recommend to peers.

Measurable Increases in Confidence, Competence, and Performance

Resonates with Clinicians (hundreds more quotes available) 

"I like the format, almost hands-on." — Physician, Family Practice

“This was actually like a real-life scenario. The patient’s characteristics are what one deals with on a regular basis. It actually felt as if one was dealing with real patients.”    — MD, Internal Medicine

“I think it was great overall! Nice to be able to learn in a more interactive setting. Would appreciate more for all of the main cancer types! "  — Medical Oncologist

"This way is the best way for learning and refreshing our knowledge about HIV management."  — MD/DO, Infectious Disease

Improved Competence within AliveSim: An Example

Performance Gap: Not recognizing optimal treatment options in severe atopic dermatitis 

Graph of competence increasing as medical learners go through medical education program.

By practicing in three scenarios with expert mentoring on their decisions, participants improved their ability to recognize optimal decision patterns that experts use.

Reasons to Get Started

  • Introduce innovative learning to your audiences.
  • Better achieve medical education goals with AliveSim. 
  • Explore how easy it is to work with us using our proven processes.  
  • Enhance marketing channels with a new means of engagement.
  • Measure the utilization and gain insightful analytics.
Doctors Talking

What are you waiting for? 

Let's innovate your medical education initiatives with AliveSim.

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