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As a visionary leader, you wield the brush that paints educational landscapes. The AliveSim platform is your palette—a vibrant fusion of technology, cognitive science, and your imagination.

Why Choose AliveSim?

Narrative Magic: AliveSim isn’t just about 3D characters; it’s about storytelling. These virtual personas breathe life into your content. They converse, challenge, and inspire.

Scenario Playground: Imagine a sandbox where you shape scenarios. Role plays, decision points, ethical dilemmas—the possibilities are endless. AliveSim lets you create, tweak, and explore.

Hands-On Ingenuity: No more passive learning. With AliveSim, learners roll up their sleeves. They experiment, fail, and learn. It’s knowledge transfer with a pulse.

Office discussion

Show, Don’t Tell: AliveSim characters embody excellence. They demonstrate what “great” looks like.

Personalized Guidance: Your learners deserve mentors. AliveSim provides tailored feedback, nudges, and encouragement. It’s coaching that clicks.

Design Transformative Learning Paths

Immersive Role Plays: Strategic simulations to navigate uncharted scenarios.

Decision-Making Adventures: Confront dilemmas, explore consequences, and refine judgment.

Revolutionize E-Learning: AliveSim breathes life into content. No more snooze-worthy slides.

Mentoring Redefined: Every learner deserves a guide. AliveSim delivers.

Unlock Your Creative Potential 

Dive into the immersive world of AliveSim and start shaping the future of interactive learning today. With our intuitive platform, craft educational experiences that captivate and inspire.  

Are you ready to transform your learning content? Take the leap! 

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Collaborating Across Sectors

Pharmaceutical | Financial Services | Insurance | Education Providers | Training Teams | Medical Education | Healthcare Organizations | Fortune 500 Companies


Solutions include: L&D, Sales-Coaching, Medical Education, and Life Science.

What Sets AliveSim Apart?

Advanced Simulation Technology

  • What It Offers: Our platform combines interactive 3D game technology, cognitive science methodologies, AI, and analytics.
  • Why It Matters: This modern, proven blend empowers you to create immersive learning experiences that go beyond traditional methods.
Virtual characters

Conversation and Decision Engines

  • What It Does: Imagine multiple 3D characters on the screen, conversing with each other and dynamically responding to learner decisions.
  • Why It’s Essential: This dynamic interaction fosters real-world scenarios, enabling learners to practice decision-making in a safe environment.

Just the Right Amount of AI

  • How It Works: Our game AI, animation, and high-quality AI voices bring characters to life.
  • Why It Matters: You’re in control of the content —no AI hallucinations.
Simulation on multiple devices

Access Anywhere, Anytime

  • Device Flexibility: Learners can access AliveSim on phones, tablets, PCs, or Macs.
  • No App Required: All they need is a web browser—no app downloads or compatibility issues.

Flexible Delivery Options

  • Web Links: Distribute modules via simple web links embedded anywhere you choose.
  • LMS and SCORM Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your existing Learning Management System (LMS).

Gain Valuable Insights

  • Built-in Analytics: Every module captures data throughout scenarios and decisions.
  • Why It’s Crucial: Understand learner behavior, identify trends, and optimize content for better outcomes.

Proven Track Record

  • Awards: We’ve earned 8 Small Business Innovation Research Awards from the National Science Foundation.
  • Experience: We’re not a startup. Our technology and processes are battle-tested with our valued customers.
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Your Imagination, Unleashed

AliveSim is your canvas for innovation in training and education. Design, develop, and deploy engaging simulations that leave a lasting impact on learners.

Click below and see the possibilities. Your canvas awaits! 🎨

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