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As a visionary leader, you wield the brush that paints educational landscapes. The AliveSim platform is your palette—a vibrant fusion of technology, cognitive science, and your imagination.

Why Choose AliveSim?

Narrative Magic: AliveSim isn’t just about 3D characters; it’s about storytelling. These virtual personas breathe life into your content. They converse, challenge, and inspire.

Scenario Playground: Imagine a sandbox where you shape scenarios. Role plays, decision points, ethical dilemmas—the possibilities are endless. AliveSim lets you create, tweak, and explore.

Hands-On Ingenuity: No more passive learning. With AliveSim, learners roll up their sleeves. They experiment, fail, and learn. It’s knowledge transfer with a pulse.

Office discussion

Show, Don’t Tell: AliveSim characters embody excellence. They demonstrate what “great” looks like.

Personalized Guidance: Your learners deserve mentors. AliveSim provides tailored feedback, nudges, and encouragement. It’s coaching that clicks.

Design Transformative Learning Paths

Immersive Role Plays: Strategic simulations to navigate uncharted scenarios.

Decision-Making Adventures: Confront dilemmas, explore consequences, and refine judgment.

Revolutionize E-Learning: AliveSim breathes life into content. No more snooze-worthy slides.

Mentoring Redefined: Every learner deserves a guide. AliveSim delivers.

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Our Customers Include:

Pharmaceutical | Financial Services | Insurance | Education Providers | Training Teams | Medical Education | Healthcare Organizations | Fortune 500 Companies


Solutions include: L&D, Sales-Coaching, Medical Education, and Life Science.

What Sets AliveSim Apart?

Advanced Simulation Technology

  • What It Offers: Our platform combines interactive 3D game technology, cognitive science methodologies, AI, and analytics.
  • Why It Matters: This modern, proven blend empowers you to create immersive learning experiences that go beyond traditional methods.
Virtual characters

Conversation and Decision Engines

  • What It Does: Imagine multiple 3D characters on the screen, conversing with each other and dynamically responding to learner decisions.
  • Why It’s Essential: This dynamic interaction fosters real-world scenarios, enabling learners to practice decision-making in a safe environment.

Just the Right Amount of AI

  • How It Works: Our game AI, animation, and high-quality AI voices bring characters to life.
  • Why It Matters: You’re in control of the content —no AI hallucinations.
Simulation on multiple devices

Access Anywhere, Anytime

  • Device Flexibility: Learners can access AliveSim on phones, tablets, PCs, or Macs.
  • No App Required: All they need is a web browser—no app downloads or compatibility issues.

Flexible Delivery Options

  • Web Links: Distribute modules via simple web links embedded anywhere you choose.
  • LMS and SCORM Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your existing Learning Management System (LMS).

Gain Valuable Insights

  • Built-in Analytics: Every module captures data throughout scenarios and decisions.
  • Why It’s Crucial: Understand learner behavior, identify trends, and optimize content for better outcomes.

Proven Track Record

  • Awards: We’ve earned 8 Small Business Innovation Research Awards from the National Science Foundation.
  • Experience: We’re not a startup. Our technology and processes are battle-tested with our valued customers.
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Ready to Create?

Click below to explore an AliveSim demo. Your canvas awaits! 🎨

Experience the Demo