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Mentored Experience is a Proven Way to Improve Clinical Practice.

It's the Foundation of Clinical Training that Really Works.

Attending physicians are in precious short supply and true mentorship is rarely an option for practicing physicians. Syandus provides a virtual replacement for the clinical mentoring process. 

The result of this process creates the optimal way to learn: Virtual Rapid Skill Acquisition (vRSA). Syandus virtual mentoring modules are cost-effective and easy to deploy for continuing medical education, medical school training, or clinical training, anywhere in healthcare.

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Syandus' Virtual Mentoring Modules

The only truly immersive virtual learning that moves your audience beyond ordinary learning to much more effective rapid skill acquisition.

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Realistic Interactive Clinical Conversations

Participants are fully immersed in realistic physician-patient dialog.  Scenarios come to life with fully interactive, conversational virtual patients and clinicians. 

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Continuous Virtual Coaching and Mentoring

Virtual clinicians provide nuanced expert viewpoints, debate options, and mentor participants on why decisions are not optimal or recommended.

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Engaging Interactivity

Responsive clinical conversations, decision-making, travel in time within scenarios, motivational gamification, comparisons with peers, and the experience of discovering the optimal path that experts would choose.

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Full Immersion, Anytime, on Any Device – Even a Phone

Immersive conversations with virtual humans, beautiful interfaces and rich interactivity through a web browser, on any device.

Explore Why We're Different

Advanced Simulation Technology for Improved Clinical Decision Making.

Authentic Mentored Virtual Experience = An Optimal Learning Experience and Better Health Outcomes.

For clinicians to gain clinical competence and modify their behavior, they need to understand the rationale with expert guidance and practice the new mindset to successfully “cognitively rewire” their decision making. Syandus listened to physician educators and adult learning experts and created a new way to help clinicians learn like they experienced in grand rounds with a clinical mentor.

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Over 1 million lines of mentoring dialog delivered
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Innovate Your Continuing Medical Education Initiatives

See why your peers are choosing to work with Syandus.

Our Virtual Mentoring Modules can help you solve educational challenges such as:

  • Complicated treatment situations that rely on guidelines, algorithms, or expert opinion to sequence therapy.
  • When there's not an optimal or “right” decision. Virtual mentoring shines here because it can provide nuanced expert dialog, offer different viewpoints, and debate options.
  • Patient management over time, even simulating treatment over many years.
  • Address controversy, lack of guidelines, new approaches, cost, or sensitive areas with interactive expert mentoring dialog. 
  • Practice gaps in managing any disease state where realistic virtual experience will enable physicians to integrate expert decision-making into their practice. 
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Incorporate More Clinical Training into Your Medical Curriculum.

Augment your program with digital simulations.

Your students want more clinical experiences yet your clerkships are at capacity.  Or perhaps you want to find a standardized way to evaluate how well your clinical training curriculum prepares students for clinical decision-making. We’re working with prominent, forward-thinking schools to help solve these challenges.

Our clinical training simulations help you:

  • Standardize clinical training components to objectively measure clinical competence in real-time. Map defined clinical proficiency objectives to entrustable professional activities.
  • Enable students to practice and hone clinical skills without placing patients at risk
  • Supplement clerkships to overcome diminished time with patients, and mentoring from attending physicians
  • Proactively develop clinical decision-making skills before trainees start their clerkships
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What Clinicians are Saying About Our Simulations:

"This was a great virtual presentation - is almost like working on a real patient”


Internal Medicine

“The BEST approach to CME I have seen in a long time. Excellent program as well as information”



"I like the format, almost hands-on."


Family Practice

"A first. Ground-breaking talking characters. Very good clinical vignettes with near-perfect doctor-patient interactions."


Family Practice/General Practice

"This is the best online CME I have participated in. The interactive approach leads to learning and retention of information"

Nurse Practitioner

Family Medicine

"A true brain stormer which broadens your vision in treating mCRC. Please provide the same for other cancers too.”


Medical Oncology

"One of the best I've encountered! The interactive features, virtual patients, and clinical pearls combine to make a most effective educational experience. I want to do it again."

Nurse Practitioner


“This was actually like a real life scenario. The patients characteristics are what one deals with on a regular basis. It actually felt as if one was dealing with real patients.”


Internal Medicine

“This format is FANTASTIC. Please make more CME programs in this format. It is as educational as any course but is far less boring.”




Medical Student


“I LOVE this learning format.”


Medical Oncology

“Best CME experience ever.”

Healthcare Professional

Cancer Patient Advocate

Virtual experience translates to skill building. The better the virtual experience – through modern learning methodologies and technology – the better the real-world outcomes.

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