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15 years ago, we started Syandus with a radical new idea: let’s use digital entertainment technology to help people learn complex areas of life science and medicine.

The idea was to create virtual interactive learning experiences using complex gaming disciplines: 3D game engine software, algorithmic systems engineering, and modern learning modalities — all to provide realistic experiences, so users feel like they’re really in the learning environment.


Traditional eLearning is one-dimensional and out of context. Syandus creates simulated reality that enables rapid skill acquisition, where the learner feels like they’re actually in the situation, making decisions, and receiving real-time coaching and mentoring.

We started by helping physicians improve their clinical practice through our interactive simulations. We then developed interactive patient education. Now we’ve expanded our mission to organizations outside of healthcare, to help people rapidly acquire the skills to make informed decisions, and improve their lives.

Through the years, we have worked with Fortune 500 companies, leading medical societies, internationally known faculty in their chosen fields, and inspiring educators. We’re proud recipients of multiple Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards from the National Science Foundation.

We’re ready to help your organization with an optimal virtual coaching program that improves learning engagement and maximizes skill acquisition.