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Don’t Just Role-Play — Role-Play in a Realistic Selling Environment!

Sales people learn by doing, and learn faster with expert coaching and mentoring. But how much time can the best sales coach spend role-playing with each member of the sales force?

Syandus creates  Virtual Role-Play Modules where every person on the sales team gets individualized coaching in life-like sales training scenarios. In each tailored coaching module, sales trainees are mentored one-on-one, as they are coached toward an optimal decision path.

An Optimal Tool for Sales Training Organizations.

Syandus listened to your needs and developed coaching modules with your work-flow in mind:

Invigorate your Digital Offerings.

Build Virtual Role Plays with your sales methodology and incorporate them into your digital toolset though simple links.

Improve Sales Performance at Lower Cost.

Sales team members practice virtual sales calls on any web-enabled device, at any time.

Measure Results.

Show your customers where their team needs more training through analytics. Virtual Role Plays provide consistent performance measures across their organization.

Your Branded Solution.

Build your own content and brand your learning module. Syandus works behind the scenes in a Software as a Service model, where your brand stays in the forefront.

Let Us Worry about IT.

We’ve done the heavy lifting and got you covered. Syandus learning modules are cloud-based, mobile friendly, and built for rapid deployment to your customers, across all their devices.

No Need to Build an Internal Solution.

Your sophisticated, proven platform with no sunk costs or internal R&D, is ready to go.

Build Detailed Sales Scenarios with Your Intellectual Property:

Then Easily Deploy Them to Your Customers.

See How It Works
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Practice Makes Perfect.

Enable Reps to Practice Your Sales Process Anywhere, Anytime.

Traditional eLearning and classroom sessions are dated learning techniques — not designed to drive skill-based sales performance. In a Syandus learning module, your trainees make decisions in realistic sales situations with dynamic expert coaching, so they can practice exhibiting the “right” sales behavior, and perform the training on any mobile-enabled device — even a phone.

Using sales training simulation on tablet
Business meeting

Virtual Role Playing That You Can Scale.

Syandus Learning Modules Give Every Rep a Personal Coach.

You have limited time in ILT for role plays, and it’s difficult to train sales managers to be expert coaches. With Syandus Virtual Learning Modules, expert coaching is built in. Your detailed learning module will be adjusted to your needs: your method, your words, and your selling environment.

Do Virtual Role Plays Work?

Simulating realistic situational learning has proven to be highly effective in all kinds of skill-based training, from military, to medicine, to aviation. And the same approach applies to sales.

Your trainees must recognize when it’s appropriate to apply each sales strategy or technique, and every situation looks different. It’s a challenging cognitive decision-making problem. Syandus learning modules are specifically built around core cognitive-science principles, and the skills needed to apply them.

Virtual experience translates to the real world. The better the virtual experience – through modern learning methodologies – the better the real-world outcomes.

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