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Virtual Role Playing 

Sales people learn by doing, and learn faster with expert coaching and mentoring. Yet you know there's a shortage of classroom time, and few good sales coaches in the field.  That’s why we've created a virtual role-playing platform to enable you to create life-like sales training scenarios. Then, you can deploy them broadly with built-in gamification and analytics.

A Solution Built for Sales Training Organizations.

We listened to your needs and developed a model with your work flows in mind.

Invigorate your Digital Offerings.

Build Virtual Role Plays with your sales methodology and incorporate them into your digital toolset though simple links.

Improve Sales Performance at Lower Cost.

Sales team members practice virtual sales calls on any device, at any time, with gamification and analytics.

Measure Results.

Show your customers where their team needs more training through analytics.  Virtual Role Plays provide consistent performance measures across their organization.

Your Branded Solution.

Build your own content and brand your innovative solution.  We work behind the scenes in a Software as a Service model where your brand is at the forefront.

Let Us Worry about IT.

We’ve done the heavy lifting and got you covered.  It’s cloud-based, mobile friendly, and built for rapid deployment to your customers, across all their devices.

No Need to Build an Internal Solution.

Instead, use a sophisticated, proven platform with no sunk costs or internal R&D.

Build interactive sales scenarios with your intellectual property.  Then deploy them broadly to your customers, with built-in gamification and analytics.

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Reinforce Your Sales Training with Virtual Role Plays and Expert Coaching.

Enable reps to practice your sales process anywhere, anytime.

Your expert coaches lead dynamic classrooms and role-play with participants so they can practice new sales techniques.  Yet cost-conscious customers are asking for more digital solutions.

Traditional digital options are simply not designed to drive skill-based sales performance.  That’s why we’ve built a fully interactive experiential learning platform to help you drive sales performance digitally.


Why Virtual Role Playing?

Sales people learn by doing.

And they learn a lot more through practice with a mentoring coach.  You have limited time in ILT for role plays, and it’s difficult to train sales managers to be expert coaches.

With our Virtual Role Plays, you can reinforce good sales behaviors and decision-making, and offer a digital solution to help your customers improve sales performance and measure results.

What’s the Evidence that Virtual Role Plays Work?

Well, there’s quite a lot actually! Simulating realistic situations has proven to be highly effective in all kinds of skill-based training, from military, to medicine, to aviation.  And the same approach applies to sales.

Your trainees must recognize when it’s appropriate to apply each sales strategy or technique, and every situation looks different.  It’s a challenging cognitive decision-making problem!

Virtual experience translates to the real world. The better the virtual experience – through modern learning methodologies – the better the real-world outcomes.

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