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Realistic Decision-making. Expert Coaching.  Measured Performance.

Our AliveSim platform is the first to immerse your salespeople in your own realistic sales situations with virtual humans, where they experience the decision-making strategies of top performers, and receive expert conversational coaching.

All decisions and coaching feedback are captured, so you know how they're doing.

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We Give You an Innovative, First-of-its-kind Platform:

  • It’s an immersive, virtual experience – not a video that only tells what to do.
  • It’s nuanced conversational dialog – not text, not a clunky branching simulation.
  • It’s customized to your sales situations – not a one-size-fits-all sales solution.

See how AliveSim compares with technology alternatives.


Improve the Transfer of Sales Training to the Field

When sales people practice making optimal decisions with expert coaching in a safe environment, they are much more likely to perform those behaviors in the field. You probably already know what performance gaps you struggle with, and how hard it is to correct them consistently with field coaching.  We can enable you to proactively close those performance gaps in a consistent, scalable way, with objective analytics.       


Improve Situational Decision-Making to Close More Sales  

Syandus is the first to combine cognitive science, virtual technologies, and performance measurement into one platform. 

Insightful Analytics

Immerse your sales team in virtual sales situations and objectively measure where they struggle. All their decisions map to your performance gaps in detailed reports. 

Interactive Conversations

Instead of text dialog or passive video, it’s an interactive conversation with virtual prospects and coaches –  just like a real sales call.

Scale Your Best Coaching

Capture the sales magic of your subject matter experts and top performers via software, so their wisdom can spread across your organization.   

Your Proprietary Modules

Your performance gaps, your coaching, and your talk tracks. We do the heavy lifting to create, deploy, and measure the results. 

Seamless Delivery

Syandus’ platform is cloud-based, mobile friendly, and rapidly deployed across all devices, with CRM/LMS connectivity as needed.  

Learning Technology Research Awards

Syandus won eight Small Business Innovation Research awards from the National Science Foundation for its immersive learning technology.

You train, then coach. And yet results still disappoint. What’s Missing?

Each sales team has its own set of performance gaps. Training sales people is not enough. Field coaching is expensive and often inconsistent in addressing these performance gaps.  AliveSim gives you a practical solution with consistency, scale, and unbiased measurement.

See How to Use AliveSim to Develop Top Sales Performers.

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Improve Retention and Sales Competency.

Knowing is not enough. Only through practice do sales people internalize their knowledge. This is one of the best ways to dramatically improve retention and competency in the field.

Only through expert coaching can this process be dramatically accelerated. But you already knew that!

We give you a sophisticated, well-designed platform to accomplish these goals effectively, at scale.

Practice and Coaching is Proven to Work.

The data is clear: Sales organizations that coach perform better than those that don’t.

But coaching is hard: Time-crunched sales managers are not great coaches, subject matter experts are in short supply, and great coaching is difficult and expensive to scale.

Syandus has the Solution: We automate your most common, repetitive coaching in a scalable platform. Your team receives more coaching, and salespeople close more deals faster.


How’s Your Sales Team Doing?

You trained them, but are they applying newly-learned knowledge in real situations? Are they following the newly-taught sales process? These kinds of performance gaps are all rooted in poor situational decision-making. How do you objectively evaluate this?

Virtual scenarios! We analyze every decision and give you a standardized view across your organization: Where your people are struggling, where they're improving, and where more live coaching may be needed.

Our AliveSim™ Platform makes building and deploying your custom Virtual Practice Modules easy.

You provide the guidance, we handle everything else. See how AliveSim can take your sales team to the next level. 

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Scale Your Best Coaches.

You have limited time in ILT for role plays. It’s difficult to train sales managers to be good coaches, and not all trainers have the subject matter expertise to be your best coaches. Knowing your salespeople are struggling, what do you do?

With Syandus' Virtual Practice Modules, conversational virtual prospects, reps, and coaches provide the perfect role plays to practice decision-making in your customized selling environment. Your very best coaching is consistently delivered in a personalized way, and reps experience what "great" looks like.

Live Coaching
Sales Training App on Tablet

Virtual Coaching Better Than Live?

Yes, it can be! Ideally, we’d like a coach to be right there with us as we make decisions, helping us debate the options and recognize optimal paths. But this is rarely the case. Telling salespeople what to do before a call or what they should have done after, does not stick. Sales people need to experience it!

Syandus’ AliveSim platform enables salespeople to make decisions in a safe environment with immediate coaching feedback. It also reveals what a rep or prospect may be thinking, to provide insightful feedback. It’s like doing a personal role play with your best coach.

The ROI of Virtual Coaching.

Rolling out a Virtual Practice Module to your organization can address several common practice gaps you typically need to coach on. 

This creates a significant ROI in several ways:

  • Close your most common performance gaps without more coaching staff or burdening sales managers with more coaching time.
  • Decrease the load on existing coaches so they can provide more timely, impactful coaching, or coach more salespeople.
Return on Investment

AliveSim gives your salespeople the virtual experience and confidence to apply your training in the field.

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