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Introducing AliveSim


Engage with Learn-by-Doing

With AliveSim, you can simulate in-person training and coaching in realistic, interactive, simulated scenarios with virtual peers and mentors.


Scalable Role-plays with Coaching

Add realistic decision-making practice to  leadership, conflict resolution, customer service, and recruitment training.

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Is Your Current Training Changing Behaviors?

Training imparts knowledge of what to do. Safely practicing (at low risk) when and how to apply that knowledge in realistic situations transfers that training investment into changes in performance.

Benefits of Innovating Your L&D with AliveSim

Skill Development

Enable learners to develop the skill and confidence to properly apply existing and new training knowledge in real-world situations.

Engaging  Role-play

Develop role-plays for your most valued decision-making situations that are consistent, measurable, and scalable across the organization.

Expert Coaching

Scale your best coaches by embedding how they would correctively mentor learners as they make suboptimal virtual decisions.

Stable Platform

AliveSim is stable, proven, cloud-based technology designed to be easily incorporated into your training mix with simple web links.

Measure Performance

AliveSim analytics gives you visibility into learner decision making and identifies where learners needed the most corrective mentoring.


Global training needs?  Cost effectively translate AliveSim programs into multiple languages utilizing machine learning (AI) technologies.

How Role-Playing within AliveSim Changes Behaviors

Use AliveSim to capture your role-plays is a cost-effective, scalable way to simulate what your best coaches do every day.

Enable Learners to Practice Decision-Making, Anywhere, Anytime.

Typical role-plays have a dubious reputation. Peers role-playing with each other at the end of an instructor led session is hardly ideal. One-on-one role plays with an expert coach, however, would be tremendous, yet impossible to scale. Enter AliveSim.

AliveSim allows your learners to role-play with virtual humans, make decisions, and receive conversational feedback. The artificial intelligence (AI), common in video games, is used to embed your very best coaching for every learner.


Practice Decision-Making
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Benefits of Role Playing and Coaching with AliveSim

Consistency.  All learners experience your very best virtual practice and coaching. 
Scalable.  Deliver across your organization, even world-wide.
Measurable.  Every decision is captured and mapped to your performance gaps, so you know exactly where learners struggled.

Coaching to Make Better Decisions in Verbal Communication

Retain the Benefits of Human Coaching When You Go Digital.

People learn by doing. And with decisions based on verbal communication, they learn a lot more through practice with a coach to mentor them. Yet personalized coaching is expensive, and difficult to scale.

That’s why we created the AliveSim platform. With it, you can simulate in-person training and coaching in realistic, interactive, simulated scenarios, with virtual peers and mentors. Capture your best practices once, within interactive scenarios, then deliver them broadly and measure results.

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Virtual Role Play Works

What’s the Evidence that Virtual Role Plays Work?

Well, there’s quite a lot actually! Simulating realistic situations has proven to be highly effective in all kinds of skill-based training, from military, to medicine, to aviation. And the same approach applies to many areas of skill-based training in the workplace.

AliveSim contains a sophisticated conversation engine that allows learners to interact with virtual colleagues engaged in conversations to simulate a role play with coaching feedback.

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