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Introducing AliveSim, the Virtual Practice and Coaching Platform

Engaging Conversation

A robust learning platform that creates interactive conversations between virtual humans and learners to build knowledge and skills.

Situational Decision Making

Immerse learners in realistic situations where they make decisions and receive personalized mentoring based on your best practices.

Insightful Analytics

Learn which situations required the most mentoring to recognize optimal decision paths, and what specific mentoring was needed.

How Syandus' AliveSim Platform transforms knowledge into real-world performance.

How AliveSim is Used to Innovate Learning Initiatives

Develop Skills

Scale “learn-by-doing” with virtual colleagues and mentors to drive change in behaviors.

Capture Best Coaching

Give learners personal feedback on decisions by recreating your best coaching conversations.

Create Learning Journeys

Interactively explore topics via conversations and visuals with virtual peers and experts.

Replace Videos

Instead of passively watching, let learners interactively experience what “great” looks like.

Explore Concepts

Interact with virtual colleagues as they discuss the nuances of new concepts or processes.

Role Play

Create realistic role plays based on best practices and embed your own expert mentoring.

The Innovation

The AliveSim platform combines cognitive science learning modalities, modern game engine technology, and systems engineering, to deliver an immersive cloud-based learning experience, with insightful analytics.

Platform Advancements

The platform has advanced significantly over the past seven years to include more cognitive science learning methodologies, richer coaching and corrective mentoring, deeper outcomes analysis, and the ability for our digital humans to perform on mobile phones.

Hands-on Experience Drives Changes in Behavior

Personal experience changes behaviors. One must feel confident they have the skill to apply new knowledge, in the right situations, without causing harm. That’s when their behavior changes.


Skill development is the proven way to overcome these barriers to change. It’s used effectively in the military, aviation, business, and medical education. AliveSim gives trainers and educators a way to use this learning modality in an economical, scalable way.

Skill-Driven Learning

  • The Proven Approach is hands-on practice, with a coach or mentor providing expert feedback.
  • Its highly personalized. Learners practice making decisions, and recognize patterns of expert thinking via nuanced coaching.
  • The underlying learning methodologies for skill-driven learning are very different from those used to acquire knowledge.

Technology to Scale Skill-Driven Learning

  • While highly effective, it’s impractical and expensive to scale personalized coaching with experts.
  • That’s why AliveSim was designed to replicate this personalized experience using scalable, virtual technology.
  • The Result. An economical way for learners to develop the competence and confidence to use new knowledge, training, or processes in their everyday lives to improve outcomes.

Why AliveSim Works


Deliberate Practice with Coaching Drives Optimum Performance

The knowledge your learners gain from training or in a class is at risk. It is of little value unless learners apply it – and soon, before they forget. Applying knowledge in real situations is a skill, and requires practice. Practicing in real situations incurs risk, and many learners do not feel confident to even try. AliveSim solves this problem by giving your learners the knowledge, practice, and coaching they need.

Knowing is Not Enough to Impact Performance

Just as an athlete or musician must practice new skills to perform, so must your learner. What is the best way to practice? Trial-and-error is inefficient. Practice with expert coaching exponentially increases practice effectiveness.  

Learn More about the Cognitive Science of Practice and Coaching

Impact of practice on the efficacy of  learning performance

Six Ways that AliveSim Builds Competence by Scaling Practice and Coaching


AliveSim cost-effectively scales practice and coaching. Unlike webinars and videos, this experience platform enables learners to learn by doing – the most effective way to master new skills.

Better Decisions

Learners practice how to apply processes, guidelines, best practices, and product knowledge in a safe environment, so that they are competent and confident in real-world situations.

Subject Matter Expertise

Your best experts can create realistic situations on the fly, and coach learners to recognize optimal patterns. AliveSim scales their expertise across your organization.

Close Performance Gaps

Identify the most common performance gaps and close them proactively, with virtual practice and coaching. This elevates the competency of all learners, without additional live coaching.


Standardized virtual modules provide consistent competency training across the organization (unlike live coaching), while delivering personalized coaching to each learner.

Unbiased Evaluations

Objective learning outcomes are measured across all learners, providing insight into overall competency, and showing specific areas where learners and teams needed the most coaching.


Two Ways AliveSim is Typically Used

First it can be an engaging way to introduce new concepts with conversations with virtual peers.  It’s more immersive than reading.  Second, AliveSim can complement existing e-learning as the way for them to apply the knowledge and “pull through” into their behaviors.

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AliveSim – The Technical Innovations

The platform processes and technology are scalable, utilizing cognitive science learning modalities, modern game engine technology, systems engineering, and cloud-based delivery and analytics.


Flexible Platform Approach

AliveSim is stable, proven, cloud-based platform that creates an immersive learning experience, including animation and interactive dialogue on any modern web browser, including mobile phones. It requires only a 4G or better connection and no app download.  Learners access the platform via a simple web link that can be inside a learning management system, if desired.

Conversation Engine

Did you ever notice that simulations typically have one character talking to the learner?  There is no real conversation! In AliveSim, an intricate conversation engine allows characters to talk to each other and the learner in a natural conversation driven by learner actions. Imagine the possibilities of using interactive conversation within a learning module.

Create a Real Conversation – Get the Most Out of Immersive Training Simulations

Conversation Engine

Powered by Game Technology

The virtual experience is created utilizing a sophisticated 3D game engine.  A powerful “game loop” updates the screen 60 times a second based on user input, scenario events, and embedded artificial intelligence (AI). By infusing learning constructs, logic (AI), gamification, and educational design, AliveSim transforms the game engine into an innovative learning engine.

Analytics Built in

Because AliveSim captures thousands of learner decisions, it can report on clinical preferences, where learners needed the most mentoring, and in-depth insights via cohort analysis. Measurement components are proactively built into each decision, based on performance gaps identified by your team.

Example of Performance Outcomes in Medicine


Editable Content

Unlike video that is hard to change, or requires a re-shoot, the AliveSim platform is designed to support updating to keep content fresh. Unlike actors, our virtual humans are always ready and available to deliver new dialogue.


Global training needs?  AliveSim has translation capabilities built in to allow you to cost effectively translate AliveSim programs into multiple languages utilizing machine learning (AI) technologies.


Proven Processes

Building effective content that includes skill-driven learning methodologies is new to many instructional designers and trainers. Syandus has been doing this a long time and has developed a comprehensive development process.  Whether Syandus builds the content with you, or you do it on your own (coming soon!) you know the processes have been worked out.

Engagement that Goes Beyond Gamification

Sure, gamification can make dull content more palatable. While any engagement must involve a learner, we believe effective engagement immerses them in situations where they can use new  knowledge to solve a problem (i.e. overcome a performance gap). We did design in layers of gamification too. After all, AliveSim runs on a game engine!


Practical Immersion

While AliveSim is an immersive learning platform, no virtual reality (VR) headsets are needed.  VR is a perfect fit in specific applications, but you don’t need VR to close performance gaps in applying concepts, processes, and decision making that do not involve manipulating physical environments.  AliveSim focuses on immersing people in virtual interactive conversations to help them develop these “thinking skills” to improve their performance and their lives.

How and When to Use VR, AR, and Game Technology for Training

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Syandus won eight Small Business Innovation Research awards from the National Science Foundation – fueling the development of the virtual immersive learning technology within AliveSim.

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