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Why We Created a Virtual Learn-by-Doing Platform  

Knowing is not enough. There’s more to the learning continuum. To eliminate barriers to behavior change, learners need to to practice in real situations, in a safe environment, with expert coaching. Until now, practice was often omitted, or handled poorly in live events.  With AliveSim, you can create immersive practice with expert coaching at scale, with both consistency and metrics. 

Giving Learners the Missing Piece to Change Their Behavior

How practice and coaching is the missing between training and real-world performance

AliveSim:  Virtual Practice and Personalized Coaching 

There’s nothing else like it.

  • AliveSim lets you deliver the customized skill-building training you always wanted.
  • Learners work with virtual humans to recognize optimal decision-making via expert coaching.
  • Designed to feel real, so the virtual experience transfers to the real world:
    • Virtual Conversations. Real Decisions. Expert Coaching.  
  • Increases competency, builds confidence, and creates robust mental models that improve decision-making performance in real-world situations.
  • Immersive, engaging, effective, and millennial approved. 
  • AliveSim is the missing piece between training/education and performance.

Compare Virtual Technologies

How performance is built from knowledge + practice + coaching

Deliberate Practice with Coaching Drives Optimum Performance

The knowledge your learners gain from training or in a class is at risk. It is of little value unless learners apply it – and soon, before they forget. Applying knowledge in real situations is a skill, and requires practice. Practicing in real situations incurs risk, and many learners do not feel confident to even try. AliveSim solves this problem.

Knowing is Not Enough to Impact Performance

Just as an athlete or musician must practice new skills to perform, so must your learner. What is the best way to practice? Trial-and-error is inefficient. Practice with expert coaching exponentially increases practice effectiveness. 

Learn More about the Cognitive Science of Practice and Coaching

Impact of practice on the efficacy of  learning performance

The AliveSim Platform

Join the tens of thousands of users. Over a million lines of dynamic coaching delivered.

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Six Ways that AliveSim Builds Competence by Scaling Practice and Coaching


AliveSim cost-effectively scales practice and coaching. Unlike webinars and videos, this experience platform enables learners to learn by doing – the most effective way to master new skills.

Better Decisions

Learners practice how to apply processes, guidelines, best practices, and product knowledge in a safe environment, so that they are competent and confident in real-world situations.

Subject Matter Expertise

Your best experts can create realistic situations on the fly, and coach learners to recognize optimal patterns. AliveSim scales their expertise across your organization.

Close Performance Gaps

Identify the most common performance gaps and close them proactively, with virtual practice and coaching. This elevates the competency of all learners, without additional live coaching.


Standardized virtual modules provide consistent competency training across the organization (unlike live coaching), while delivering personalized coaching to each learner.

Unbiased Evaluations

Objective learning outcomes are measured across all learners, providing insight into overall competency, and showing specific areas where learners and teams needed the most coaching.

Areas Where Organizations Use AliveSim 

Explore how we can help your organization.

Virtual Business Simulation for Sales Training

Sales Training

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Virtual reality training system for corporate learning & development

Leadership Development

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Example of AliveSim Simulation for Medical Education

Medical Education

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How AliveSim Works

AliveSim combines virtual game technology and cognitive science to transform knowledge into performance.

Illustrates virtual practice and coaching to create innovative e-learningtive science and game technology

Powerful technology and science join to create a memorable experience.

We immerse learners in virtual practice scenarios, and give them instantaneous conversational feedback – just the way great coaches would.  They learn by doing. 

Because it's a virtual platform, we can offer a cost-effective, scalable way to bring proven practice-and-coaching methods to organizations of all sizes.   

See How It Works

The first, and only, virtual practice and coaching solution, built with sophisticated virtual technology, that uniquely applies cognitive science principles at scale.

 The platform utilizes simulation research from medicine, the military, and other disciplines, proven effective for developing situational decision-making skills.

AliveSim – The Technical Innovations

Syandus won eight Small Business Innovation Research awards from the National Science Foundation – fueling the development of the virtual immersive learning technology within AliveSim.
Abstract image of  how design meets Technology

Modern Educational Design Meets Advanced Technology.

AliveSim brings modern learning methodologies to life in ways not possible before. It’s the first to combine the brain science behind skill acquisition, with virtual game technology to create an advanced learning engine for practice and coaching. The Result: A digital delivery platform that’s so realistic, you feel you’re in it. 

Learn more about the cognitive science inside AliveSim.

An Immersive Learning Engine Powered by Virtual 3D Game Technology.

AliveSim utilizes a sophisticated 3D game engine to create a virtual experience. A powerful “game loop” updates the screen 60 times a second based on user input, scenario events, and embedded artificial intelligence (AI). By infusing learning constructs, logic (AI), gamification,  and educational design, AliveSim transforms the game engine into an innovative learning engine.        Compare Virtual Technologies

Abstract Image Depicting Virtual 3D Game Technology
AliveSim virtual reality training simulation running on a tablet

What’s Missing in Digital Training? – An Interactive Conversation!

AliveSim immerses learners in interactive conversations where they can make decisions on what to do next, and receive coaching feedback. Learners interact with virtual humans in a fluid, personalized experience. No canned video here!  This is innovative e-learning.  

Listen to excerpts of Using Immersive Learning Technology in Corporate Training podcast (2 minutes).

Easy to Use with Engagement that Goes Beyond Gamification.

AliveSim has been optimized over the years for ease of use and engagement. Elegant interfaces optimize automatically, based on the learner’s device (responsive design). Engagement is driven by creating fully immersive experiences. Several layers of gamification are also included, such as scoring, peer comparisons, badges, and team competition.

Engagement Meter
Tablet in use

Easy to Deploy and Scale Across Your Organization.

The AliveSim platform is cloud-based to rapidly deploy your learning modules to learners on any web-enabled device. No app to download. No virtual reality headsets needed. AliveSim utilizes industry-leading cloud services to deliver smooth interactive experiences within a secure, scalable infrastructure, with built-in machine learning analytics.

Immersive Training Anywhere, on Any Device – Even a Phone.

The world has gone mobile, yet most training is either compromised or simplified in the mobile space. AliveSim is different. We optimized our advanced 3D software to work efficiently on mobile devices within a browser, so your learners can enjoy training on any device they choose – a phone, tablet, PC, or Mac.

AliveSim simulation running on a phone
Image of puzzle pieces suggesting integration

Integration Friendly.

While your LMS cannot deliver an experience that's anywhere close to AliveSim, we can interface with your LMS on many levels, or run alone. It’s your choice. Our modern design can also integrate with other platforms and single sign on (SSO) systems as required.

Stable, Secure, and GDPR Compliant.

AliveSim is a stable platform with many thousands of users, built with modern security features, on an industry-leading cloud service. The platform also includes GDPR-compliant features for customers in Europe.

Digital Cloud

Virtual game technology is engaging, immersive, and scalable. AliveSim infuses these powerful attributes with modern learning principles to create a practical, reusable, practice and coaching platform.

AliveSim is the result of six years of iterative development with input from customers and the learning community. It benefits from the 15 years of virtual immersive learning technology expertise within Syandus.

See how AliveSim compares with technology alternatives.

See AliveSim vs Alternatives

Working with Syandus

Syandus combines its sophisticated AliveSim platform with well-honed processes to deliver effective, engaging modules.

The Platform

It all starts with an innovative, stable, reliable platform.
Below are the three ways the AliveSim Platform creates exceptional experiences.

AliveSim produces customized virtual practice modules designed to overcome your learners’ specific performance gaps, in ways not possible before. There are endless content possibilities within carefully constructed templates for timely, cost-effective content creation. 

AliveSim rapidly deploys your modules via a centralized cloud service, to your learners’ web-enabled devices. Integrate AliveSim into your existing content delivery platforms for a seamless learner experience. Add more users over time.  Add or modify modules to meet changing needs.

AliveSim’s Analytics Portal measures learning outcomes. Learners can view their progress, and organizations can also view aggregated metrics across all performance gaps, plus other measures. The analytics portal is available 24/7 and can be setup to be accessed via your existing systems.

The Process

We use a well-honed process to translate your learning objectives into effective Virtual Practice Modules. Below is an outline of our four-step process.

Step 1: Identify performance gaps. We work with you to identify performance gaps and the situations where they occur.

Next, we define themed modules from these gaps, and determine how many modules are needed to cover your learning goals.  

Step 2: Building a Module. Each  module contains several interactive scenarios. Each scenario template includes the interactive flow of virtual conversations, decision logic, feedback, and coaching. Leads from your organization provide guidance as content is added to each working module.

Step 3: Final Approval & Deployment. Once the content is approved by your organization, the final polish and QA is completed in preparation for deployment within your organization.

Step 4: Utilization and Measurement. All data is reported within the AliveSim Analytics Portal.

Revising content is easy! Unlike video that is hard to change, or requires a re-shoot, our modules can be updated to meet evolving strategy. Unlike actors, our virtual humans are always ready and available to deliver new dialogue.

AliveSim: The Optimal Way to Improve Situational Decision-Making, Motivate Behavioral Change, and Elevate Performance. 

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