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Add digital virtual practice to your leadership, conflict resolution, customer service, and recruitment training.

With our virtual coaching technology, you can simulate in-person training and coaching in realistic, interactive, simulated scenarios with virtual peers and mentors.

A Digital Solution for Skill-based Talent Development.

Change behavior with digital role-playing practice.

Innovate Your L&D Platform

Build Virtual Role Plays for leadership, conflict resolution, customer service, recruiting, or sales training. Then, incorporate them into your digital toolset though simple links.

Measure Performance

Show your customers where their staff needs more training, through detailed analytics. Virtual Role Plays provide consistent performance measurements across their organization.

Provide an Alternative to ILT

When more expensive ILT is not an option and e-learning alone falls short, build Virtual Role Plays to allow learners to practice skills digitally.

Your Branded Solution

Build your own content, and brand your innovative solution for your corporate customers. We work behind the scenes, in a Software as a Service model, so your brand is at the forefront.

Let Us Worry About IT

We’ve done the heavy lifting, and got you covered.  It’s cloud-based, mobile friendly, and built for rapid deployment to your customers, across all their devices.

No Need to Build an Internal Solution

Instead, use a sophisticated, proven platform with no sunk costs or internal R&D.

Build interactive scenarios with your customized content. Then deploy them broadly to your customers, with built-in gamification and analytics.

See How It Works

How Role-Playing Technology Helps Solve the Tension between ILT and Digital.

Enable Learners to Practice Decision-Making, Anywhere, Anytime.

Is e-learning the cost-effective answer to every training problem? Hardly. Instructor-led training is highly effective for skill-based coaching in leadership training, conflict resolution, customer service, recruiting, and sales. Yet economic and time pressure pushes many of your customers to ask for digital solutions.

Here are some ways our digital role-playing solution can help you:

  • Reinforce an ILT activity over time, with digital practice and performance measurement.
  • Replace ILT with your branded solution, combining your webinars with digital Role Plays.
  • Transform knowledge into behavior change, through practice with performance measurement.
  • Assess performance across the organization, in standardized decision-making scenarios.
Meeting using laptop
Woman using talent development simulation on laptop

Coaching to Make Better Decisions in Verbal Communication.

Retain the Benefits of Human Coaching When You Go Digital.

People learn by doing. And with decisions based on verbal communication, they learn a lot more through practice with a coach to mentor them. Yet personalized coaching is expensive, and difficult to scale.

That’s why we created our virtual coaching technology. With it, you can simulate in-person training and coaching in realistic, interactive, simulated scenarios, with virtual peers and mentors. Capture your best practices once, within interactive scenarios, then deliver them broadly and measure results.

What’s the Evidence that Virtual Role Plays Work?

Well, there’s quite a lot actually! Simulating realistic situations has proven to be highly effective in all kinds of skill-based training, from military, to medicine, to aviation. And the same approach applies to many areas of skill-based training in the workplace.

Without practice in realistic scenarios, it’s difficult for learners to translate training into behavior change in the real world. Virtual Role Play is a cost-effective, scalable way to simulate what your best coaches do every day.

Virtual experience translates to the real world. The better the virtual experience – through modern learning methodologies – the better the real-world outcomes.

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