Syandus is the leader in intelligent simulation learning technology. Focused in medicine and life science, we create digital experience-driven learning environments.

Healthcare professionals, patients, and students virtually experience disease processes, treatments, changes in clinical practice, and how behavioral choices impact health outcomes.

Our end to end solutions consisting of the following components:

Simulation Technology Advanced game engine and logic responds intelligently to user interaction.
Delivery Platform Cloud-based and mobile app delivery to PC, Mac, iPad, iOS, and Android devices.
Analytics Platform measures user decisions, assessment criteria, outcomes, and audience generation.

Our Process

We do the heavy lifting from concept through development. Our team translates expert knowledge into a responsive learning simulation, deploys the simulation through proven delivery strategies, and measures the results.

"Working with Syandus is working with a valued partner. Collaboration, and communication with the team is unmatched; execution of project is extraordinary; and final product exceeds all our expectations. I will continue to work with Syandus and recommend that you do too."
—June Halper, Executive Director, CMSC

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