Syandus is the leader in intelligent simulation learning technology. Focused in medicine and life science, we create digital experience-driven learning environments.

Healthcare professionals, patients, and students virtually experience disease processes, treatments, changes in clinical practice, and how behavioral choices impact health outcomes.

We offer our clients a complete learning solution consisting of three components:

Simulation Technology Achieve your educational goals with customized, first-of-its-kind intelligent simulations.
Delivery Platform Reach your target audiences with our optimized multi-channel delivery platform.
Analytics Track audience generation, program utilization, and learner assessments.

Our Process

We do the heavy lifting from concept through development. Our team translates expert knowledge into a responsive learning simulation, deploys the simulation through proven delivery strategies, and measures the results.

"Working with Syandus is working with a valued partner. Collaboration, and communication with the team is unmatched; execution of project is extraordinary; and final product exceeds all our expectations. I will continue to work with Syandus and recommend that you do too."
-June Halper, Executive Director, CMSC

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