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Syandus Can Give You Optimal Learning Technology.

Sales Training

Motivate optimal performance with virtual practice.

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Medical Education

Close clinical practice gaps to improve health outcomes.

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Talent Development

Improve decision-making in critical areas of your business.

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Patient Coaching

Engage patients, improve outcomes, lower readmissions.

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Transforming Knowledge into Performance: Skill Acquisition.

Skill acquisition flow

One-On-One Coaching Improves Performance.

But how can you scale it for your entire target audience?

Syandus enables you to emulate in-person training and coaching virtually: in realistic, interactive scenarios with one-on-one coaching that helps learners make better decisions and improve performance. Plus, there's embedded analytics that give you performance transparency across your target audience.

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Embedded Cognitive Science Methodologies Drive Rapid Skill Acquisition.

Syandus has the technology to transcend ordinary eLearning, to far more effective virtual Rapid Skill AcquisitionTM (vRSA): where your learners experience skill building in realistic situations, with a one-on-one coach.

vRSA Benefits
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Deploy Your Syandus vRSATM Module Anywhere, Anytime.

Syandus’ cloud-based platform makes it easy to rapidly deploy and update your customized coaching module to any web-enabled device.

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Deliver virtual Rapid Skill Acquisition to Your Target Audiences.

Getting everyone in a classroom isn’t feasible, and traditional eLearning isn’t effective for acquiring skills. Syandus’ learning modalities are the most cost-efficient method of skill development for your organization.

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The Optimal Way to Improve Decision-Making, Motivate Behavioral Change, and Optimize Performance is a Syandus Virtual Coaching Module.

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