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We provide a fully scalable, cloud-based platform to develop virtual practice scenarios in decision-making, navigating conversations, and coaching to maximize performance in the workplace.

AliveSimTM, our virtual practice and coaching platform, combines 3D game technology with modern learning methodologies to allow learners to learn-by-doing safely, in a highly immersive environment. The result is effective skill transfer into the workplace.

Typical applications include leadership development, coaching processes, soft skills, sales processes, employee performance, and medical education.

Our Customers Include:

Pharmaceutical | Financial Services | Insurance | Education Providers | Medical Education | Healthcare Organizations | Fortune 500 Companies



Use AliveSim to Move Your Skill-based Training Online 


Deeper Retention.  Optimal Decision-Making.  More Behavior Change.

Leadership Development 

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Practice in virtual conversations drives results in leadership development, coaching, difficult situations, soft skills, and more.

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Sales Coaching 

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Use virtual practice to transfer new sales processes and improve coaching skills to close performance gaps in the field.    

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Medical Education 

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Close clinical practice gaps in continuing medical education to improve health outcomes.

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Patient Coaching

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Use virtual conversation to engage patients, improve outcomes, and lower readmissions.

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How ‘Learn-by-Doing’ Maximizes Learning and Training Investments

Practice in Virtual Situations with Expert Personalized Feedback = Optimal Performance

This is a huge untapped opportunity to improve performance. Why?

  • Performance gaps occur when learners don’t have the skills to decide when and how to apply what they learned in real-world situations.
  • These situational decision-making skills are only developed through practice – with expert coaching that enables learners to recognize the patterns of optimal decision-making.
  • Skill acquisition (as opposed to knowledge acquisition) is difficult. One-on-one coaching with expert mentors is effective, but takes time and does not scale.

AliveSim™, the Virtual Learn-by-Doing Platform, proactively and strategically solves these problems.

How Virtual Practice Transforms Knowledge into Performance

Top performers don’t just “know,” they recognize and use what they know optimally, in diverse situations. Optimal Situational Decision-Making transforms "knowing" into real-world performance gains. Fortunately, it’s a skill that can be developed via practice and coaching. Now Syandus gives organizations the ability to move skill-based training online for scalability and consistency.

Skill Acquisition and Learn-by-Doing Lead to Optimal Performance

The Syandus Difference

Innovative Simulation Technology

The AliveSim™ Platform takes Learn-by-Doing to whole new level, fusing brain science with virtual game technology. We use advanced, interactive 3D technologies, to immerse your learners in engaging simulated conversations with responsive virtual humans. It's a virtual reality experience on any device, without the headset. When conversation and decision-making matter to your program, AliveSim is the solution. It's fun, practical, and effective learn-by-doing.      

Explore the AliveSim Platform

AliveSim platform running  a corporate training program on phone
AliveSim button, illustrating an easy development process

Deep Content Expertise – Easy Development Process

We have the expertise to develop custom Learn-by-Doing modules for you. We do the heavy lifting, including the script writing that brings virtual humans to life in your situations, with intelligent conversation; you just provide your background materials and guidance.

Our well-honed 4-step process minimizes your time input, and maximizes the results. Unlike videos, AliveSim content can be modified in the future. (The ability for you to modify and build your own modules will also be available soon.)

Learn-by-Doing Grounded in Cognitive Science

Practice with personalized feedback is an essential part of the adult learning continuum. It’s where learners develop the skills to apply what they learned and make optimal decisions – it’s Learn-by-Doing. Without it, most training and education investments don’t realize behavior change.

That’s why we created AliveSim: a scalable way for your learners to safely practice new behaviors, within realistic environments, with interactive, virtual humans that engage in nuanced, witty conversation.

Neurons Firing
Climbing Steps to Scale Practice and Coaching

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Scale Practice with Coaching

Getting everyone into a live learning event isn’t feasible. Videos and webinars are passive. And traditional e-Learning isn’t effective for acquiring situational decision-making skills. Syandus’ learning modalities are the most cost-efficient method to develop the behaviors of top performers in your organization, via virtual practice. Syandus’ cloud-based delivery, scales these engaging experiences across your organization on any device, even a phone.

The Development of AliveSim: The Virtual Learn-by-Doing Platform

The AliveSim platform originated from the idea that entertainment technology can be combined with modern learning modalities, to create realistic virtual experiences that will help people learn cognitive decision-making skills faster. Syandus has developed and honed the platform over the past eight years.

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Syandus won several Small Business Innovation Research awards from the National Science Foundation that fueled the development of this innovative platform.

The Optimal Way to Improve Situational Decision-Making, Motivate Behavioral Change, and Elevate Performance is with the AliveSim Platform 

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