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Examples of When AliveSim is a Better Fit than Alternatives...

With all the emerging technologies, selecting an experience platform that’s suitable for your education and training needs can be confusing.  Below we compare AliveSim to common technology alternatives.

The Problem with a Custom Game Solution.

Many experience-based solutions are expensive, custom built, and lack the ability to be expanded or modified. They also have limited analytics. Not us!

AliveSim is an advanced learning engine combining game technology and cognitive science that’s customizable to you needs. You can expand and modify your content and receive comprehensive analytics.

Gamified e-Learning is Not Enough.

E-learning is great for gaining knowledge, but not applying it. Adding gamification can improve engagement, but that does not make it an effective experiential learning tool to improve performance.
AliveSim takes your training where e-learning technology cannot go – there’s nothing like it. It’s the future. It allows learners to practice making decisions in realistic situations with built-in expert coaching. This leads to behavior change.

Why Your LMS Can’t Do This.

LMS authoring tools like Captivate and Articulate are effective e-learning tools for attaining knowledge. However, their “simulations” are not effective practice and coaching tools. They lack immersion, educational design for skill acquisition, effective coaching, and intelligent conversational dialog.
AliveSim uses advanced 3D game technology and cognitive science to immerse learners in real situations, with conversational coaching with virtual humans. Algorithms provide intelligent immersion into challenging decision-making with expert coaching feedback.

Video Coaching Focuses on Presenter Skills.

Video coaching focuses on how the learner presents and communicates in situations. Video coaching still requires coaches to spend time reviewing and critiquing the learner’s videos. This format is not designed to develop optimal decision-making processes.
AliveSim solves another important problem: Closing performance gaps that involve the decisions learners make. The key difference between top performers and average ones is their situational decision-making skills.  

Will Technology Solve Your Engagement Problem?

Perhaps, but will it solve your performance problem? For example, virtual reality (VR) helps people explore physical environments, and augmented reality (AR) helps people perform visual tasks (such as surgery and mechanical repair). Before jumping into the latest technology, evaluate whether its strengths are consistent with your learning goals, and is therefore a good investment.
AliveSim starts with learning objectives by design, and then creates virtual experiences that are realistic enough to serve as surrogates for actual experience. It’s practical, cost-effective, and its 3D experiences can be used on any device without a headset. See more on key attributes of immersive learning platforms.

What Type of Virtual Experience Do You Need?

If your learner is challenged with navigating a conversation requiring optimal decision-making, then why have them put on a virtual reality (VR) headset where they look around a 3D world? While being in a VR headset is cool, the focus should be on the conversation that's right in front of them!

AliveSim focuses on realistic conversational experiences with virtual humans. AliveSim requires no VR headsets or special equipment. Learners are engaged in challenging decisions on any web-enabled device, even their phone.     

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Is the Technology Using the Wrong Learning Methodology?

The educational design for e-learning focuses on knowledge acquisition and assessment. Knowing is not enough. Behavior change also requires practice with expert coaching. This is skill acquisition and requires a very different educational design paradigm.
AliveSim takes your learners from “knowing” to “doing” for effective behavior change. It’s designed to simulate the best of one-on-one practice and coaching, and incorporates modern skill acquisition learning methodologies.

There is no other experience platform solution like AliveSim. AliveSim is the future for how learners will practice skills, with expert coaching as experience-driven training.


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