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Are you concerned about adopting VR for your training?

You’re not alone. VR technology is a bit like the Wild West.  It’s still evolving (fast!) and not yet mature.


AliveSim is the perfect virtual solution to many training challenges:

•Sales  Leadership  Customer Service  Medical Education  Patient Coaching

And it’s a fully-developed platform, available right now.

AliveSim vs VR Comparison Table
VR Part I

Virtual Worlds and VR in Training Part I: When is VR a Great Fit?

View Part I
VR Part II

Virtual Worlds and VR in Training Part II: What to Look for When Adopting Technology

View Part II

The Optimal Way to Improve Situational Decision-Making, Motivate Behavioral Change, and Elevate Performance is with AliveSim Virtual Practice and Coaching Modules.

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