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Virtual practice with immersive technologies is engaging, exciting, and memorable.

Which virtual technology to choose depends on your learning goals. 


Is Virtual Reality (VR) the right fit for your learning goals?  

VR technology is a bit like the Wild West.  It’s still evolving (fast!) and not yet mature.

For many educational and training objectives, VR is not the best fit. 

Get a comprehensive guide on how to use VR, AR, and Game Technology in training here 


AliveSim is the perfect virtual solution to many training challenges

• Sales  • Leadership  • Customer Service  • Medical Education  • Patient Coaching

And it’s a fully-developed platform, available right now.

AliveSim vs VR Comparison Table
Virtual reality

How and When to Use VR, AR, and Game Technology for Training

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The Optimal Way to Improve Situational Decision-Making, Motivate Behavioral Change, and Elevate Performance is with AliveSim Virtual Practice and Coaching Modules.

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