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Use Cases for AliveSim 

Immerse your salespeople in realistic virtual sales situations with expert coaching, to overcome these common problems:

  • Addressing common performance gaps consumes sales manager/coaching time and saps productivity.
  • New sales staff are slow to ramp up and become productive.
  • Lack of an effective, scalable way to make sales teams knowledgeable on a new product or sales process.
  • Sales managers lack the interest or time to coach enough.
  • Coaches are overwhelmed, or may have limited subject matter expertise.

AliveSim is not an LMS, not a sales enablement solution, nor is it video coaching.

It’s a powerful platform that can strategically complement and reinforce all of these tactics to improve sales performance.

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AliveSim Amplifies Your Strategies to Improve Sales Competency.

Training Strategy

Use AliveSim to Transition Your Team from “Knowing” to “Doing.”

Much of training involves imparting knowledge: about your product, selling strategy, sales process, and common objective handling. AliveSim proactively enables salespeople to practice making decisions on how best to apply all this knowledge – in a safe environment with expert coaching. 

Tip: Use AliveSim to practice the most important concepts in your training curriculum to increase retention, build confidence, and increase sales velocity.

Sales Enablement Strategy

Use AliveSim to Develop the Skills to Act on Sales Knowledge.

Sales enablement tools provide salespeople with the information they need to sell more effectively. How best to use this information in fluid sales situations however, is a skill that requires practice. AliveSim enables salespeople to practice how to sell more effectively, in challenging sales situations with expert coaching – maximizing the strategic use of sales resources available to them.

Tip: Use AliveSim as part of a comprehensive sales enablement program that focuses on skill development – to get the most out of your sales enablement resources.

Coaching Strategy

Use AliveSim to Free Up Coaches and Improve Coaching ROI.

Whether you’re using sales managers or dedicated coaches, their coaching time is at a premium. In every sales team there is a set of common performance gaps that result in repetitive coaching in the field. Proactively addressing these common performance gaps with AliveSim frees up coaching resources in the field.

Video Coaching focuses on presentation skills, while AliveSim focuses on decision-making skills. Click here to see how AliveSim is different than Video Coaching.

Tip: Use AliveSim to strategically overcome your most common performance gaps. This frees up time that sales managers/coaches can devote to other sales goals – resulting in a great ROI.

5 Reasons Why AliveSim’s Virtual Practice and Coaching Works:

Situations matter. Situational practice leads to pattern recognition and good decision-making.
Coach to accelerate. Coaching eliminates learning by trial-and-error in the field.
Practice is sticky. Applying product knowledge improves retention and competency.
Learn by doing. Behavior change comes from making decisions and learning from results.
Measurable results. Analytics show how your organization performs in virtual situations.

How to Use AliveSim

See where AliveSim can proactively and strategically improve your training and coaching.

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Address Common Performance Gaps in the Field. If you are like most sales organizations, you have a set of common performance gaps that your average performers struggle with – most of these involve suboptimal decision-making, leading them to be less successful. AliveSim enables your salespeople to practice navigating challenging sales situations, with a virtual prospect, in a safe environment with expert coaching, so they can learn how to overcome these performance gaps. Because they have experienced how to overcome these gaps in realistic virtual situations, they perform better in the field – all without burdening your field coaches.

Onboard New Salespeople. We’ve all heard that onboard training is like drinking through a fire hose – so much information. Without practice in their new role, trainees will quickly forget much of it. AliveSim enables them to practice how to use this knowledge in common situations, in a safe environment with expert coaching. Salespeople recognize what optimal decisions look like, and are better able to know when and how to apply them with their prospects. This is much more effective than waiting for corrective coaching in the field, and has been proven to be more cost-effective.

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Scale Coaches with Deep Subject Matter Expertise. You may have a few subject matter experts that can elegantly apply product knowledge and navigate fluid, complex sales situations (super coaches). How do your average salespeople learn how to recognize these situations and know what to do? Often, it’s not easy to train other coaches to do this, and a webinar or video with your super coach is an awful learning mode for skill acquisition. Instead, they need to learn by doing. This is an ideal fit for AliveSim. We capture your super coaches’ expertise and nuanced coaching in software, and expose your salespeople to their successful mental models in a scalable way.

Enable Sales Managers and Coaches to Coach Better. First, ask the question: what can I do proactively to eliminate performance gaps in the field so that my sales managers/coaches don’t have to repetitively coach each sales rep? As discussed above, AliveSim can relieve the repetitive coaching burden. Still, there are a lot of things that can be done to make sales managers/coaches better coaches! AliveSim modules help coaches recognize the most optimal ways to coach their team, by practicing in a safe environment with virtual team members.


AliveSim is the future for how learners will practice skills with expert coaching, delivered as experience-driven training.


See how AliveSim compares to common technology alternatives. 

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AliveSim Gives You Consistency, Scale, and Unbiased Measurement.

Live coaching is highly variable. Diagnosing a problem and telling salespeople what to do before or after a sales call rarely changes behavior. The best sales coaches immerse their coachees in dynamic sales situations, and coach them on how to recognize and navigate the situation optimally. This virtual practice is highly effective, but it takes skill and time.

If you do not have enough of these great coaches, AliveSim can help. AliveSim captures these sales situations and the best coaching in software, so it can be consistently scaled across your organization. AliveSim can help train coaches too. Then AliveSim measures what virtual coaching was needed in each situation, so you know how your sales team is doing.

The Process: Identify Performance Gaps – Overcome Them with AliveSim

AliveSim is a highly flexible platform to solve performance gaps in your sales organization. We’ll start with a discussion of the gaps you are trying to address; or we can help you brainstorm them! Below are some gaps we typically work with sales organizations to overcome.

  • Failing to follow the defined sales process
  • Objection handling: price, no budget, status quo, fear of change, trust, politics, timing
  • Not discussing budget early enough
  • Can’t get into, or stay in the C suite
  • Poor objective negotiation skill
  • Failing to identify all the stakeholders
  • Avoiding healthy conflict as a means to understand customer needs
  • Thinking strategically and better managing territories/opportunities
  • Discounting too early to win fast
  • Selling deals that are harder to deliver (outside core competencies)
  • Overcoming "no time" objections for a sales meeting
  • Relying on presentations, features, benefits, instead of needs
  • Following up when the deal is dead
  • Helping managers conduct better interviews of new salespeople
  • Not allowing customers to discover a salesperson’s value (telling them instead)

AliveSim’s Virtual Practice and Coaching Platform is the innovative new way to improve sales performance with an attractive ROI.


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