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Ed the Sales Coach

Ed, the Virtual Coach 

Hi. I'm Ed, the Virtual Coach. Some find me funny, others think I'm a little full of myself.  One thing is for sure: I've got lots of training and coaching wisdom!  Enjoy my videos.   

Episode 01

In this episode, Ed talks about a big real-world training challenge: Retention.

We train people and then they forget! I know many of you out there are struggling to win the battle against this “Forgetting Curve” thing. But did you ever consider this? Let trainees practice applying what they learn virtually, in real-world situations. It’s a great way to boost retention. And it works!

Episode 02

In this episode, Ed talks about the return on investment (ROI) of Virtual Coaching.

We know organizations that coach, outperform those that don’t. The way I see it, any realistic practice that can be done virtually will free up human coaches, making for a nice ROI.

Ed then shows an example of how virtual practice works in a realistic situation.

Episode 03

In this episode, Ed talks about how to clone a "super coach."

Virtually cloning your best coaches avoids the ethical quandary of real cloning. Plus it's cost-effective, and has a great ROI too! How? We’d capture their best role-plays inside software and scale it – so everyone can practice in realistic situations.

Ed then shows an example of how it works within an advanced simulation.

Episode 04

In this episode, Ed dives into how to measure performance in realistic training situations.

Most organizations train people, but struggle with measuring how well learners can apply the training in real situations.

Virtual practice coupled with analytics is a powerful way to “pull your training through” and measure how well learners can apply what they learned.  

Episode 05

In this episode, Ed helps Sandy, a “real-life” trainer, with her challenges with live training.

In live training, there’s just no time for people to practice what they learned in realistic situations. And without practice, retention and behavior-change will suffer. The solution is to go virtual. Create realistic virtual situations where your people can practice optimal decision making.

Episode 06

In this episode, a first-time caller into Ed’s show, asks him how to improve average performers.

What separates average performers from top ones is a skill that your team can learn. It’s the ability to make optimal decisions in diverse situations, or “Situational Decision Making.” How? Practice! Practicing decision making in realistic situations with expert coaching – that’s the ticket.